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Accidental Art

Accidental Art

Accidental Art…

If you shoot in RAW format (unprocessed image data) like I do most of the time you have to touch every single image again later in post. Often this is just getting groups of images with similar color, contrast ratio, and exposure, and batch processing them using a tool in Photoshop. It does make for a much longer post production process, but I think it yields much more consistent and better results.

Unfortunately for my ego, this photo was not the result of careful shot selection and meticulous editing, but rather, if I remember correctly, an incredibly lucky shot captured in full auto mode in jpg format. Too bruise my ego even more; I didn’t even notice that my camera had somehow been switched to auto and jpg. It is an easy thing that can happen with the turn of a dial, and I remember wondering why my camera would choose this moment to start misbehaving and being all stupid.

By the time I had figured out what was going on the wondrous and evanescent weather moment had passed and I was sure that I had miss it completely. Not so. As it turns out my camera is pretty decent as a photographer and barely needed me in order to take great photos.

This all happened more than five years ago, and I had pretty much forgotten about it. But, then I found this image on my HD, and thanks to our wondrous technology, all the metadata that had been embedded when the image was created. Metadata is all the information about and image such and camera model, lens model, focal length, etc. This stuff is great for many reasons, but in this case it was a great memory jogger.

As I write this I am deciding what size and type of print of this image to buy and hopefully sell. I am pretty sure that when the print arrives, it will look spectacular and I will be very happy with it. I also know that what this image means/speaks/inspires to me is going to be very different from others who view it. I will always look at this photo and chuckle and be amused that something so cool was so accidental. Perhaps I should modify it in some way to express that viewpoint and make it part of the “art.” hmm, I may have just talked myself into that…looks like I will be ruining another perfectly good photo with “art”

Thanks for reading!!!