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Off kilter and and out of focus…

Off kilter and and out of focus…


every time I look at this image I think of the original Halloween movie from 1978. I know that’s a very odd association, but it has to do with the composition of this image. Halloween was one of the first films to effectively use the scary POV shots where the audience thinks they are seeing the victims from a scary vantage point in the bushes or around a corner. It is a pretty simple technique, just have an “out of focus” foreground element and throw the horizon line off in an odd direction. Done, evil villain created.

Now that I’ve explained the idea look at this image again, only this time imagine that you know there is someone in that boat innocently sleeping. Now imagine that you have a pretty good idea that someone is out to get that person. The photo takes on a whole different meaning when viewed from this perspective. The foreground elements and the tilt give this image a voyeuristic feel that we often associate with foreboding.

Granted, I did quite a bit of leading, but I would still bet you that your perspective on this image is different permanently.

Film and TV have had an indelible effect on the way our brains work(unbelievable conjecture). We see conventions in films and although we know they are not real, I think there may be some deep primitive part of the brain that does not recognize this. Not sure if this fact makes a difference as the conscious areas of the brain seem to run things for the most part. But I find it hard to believe that some reptilian part of the us doesn’t see films and shows and file them right alongside other memories, memories that the conscious mind would deem “real.” In fact there seems to be significant evidence that the brain uses the very structures employed in perception to simulate our memories. I would suspect that, say, the optic nerve, used in remembering/simulating images, is not also charged with delineating “real” from artificial. This, I would imagine, must be a “thinking” function and that does leave the possibility that memories exist in the brain separate from the designation “reality.”

All this is more or less conjecture of course, my own musings, but that’s what this blog is for. I have decided to no longer apologize for the rambling nature of this blog as it’s about my artistic process and this rambling, tangential style is fundamental to my personality(as anyone who knows me has probably been forced to endure).

Thanks for reading!!!!