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The holidays can be a fun time of year.


Food, parties, family, and good photo opportunities. Family and friends gather together, and because you have spent the last decade or more with a camera in your hands, and in their face, they are very comfortable and quite willing to act completely natural. In these conditions sometimes there are some great shots to be had.

This particular one was so classic to me. A little girl playing with a music box with a ballerina on it reminds me of so many scenes in so many movies it is hard to even remember what scenes go in which movies. In most of those movies the music box was ceramic not plastic and didn’t have interchangeable figurines, but the concept is the same.

I have gotten several comments on the light falling the subject in this image. For this I can take no credit. That fantastic soft, but not that soft, light is coming from indirect sunlight coming through white lace curtains. I would have never thought of lace as a great diffuser, but in this case, with the already indirect sunlight it was just about perfect.

As you can see I desaturated the color quite a bit. I think it gives the image a more old school look. It helps express the iconic nature of the action in spite of the plastic hinges and obviously rubber figures. I also darkened the blacks both to give the image more drama and to help hide some of the stuff in the background.

One thing I like about this photo, that you would never know unless I told you, is that there is a lot of other stuff going on in the room. Its a holiday party and there are people snacking, chatting, laughing and generally making allot of noise and motion. But not in this frame. This moment looks snatched right out of an empty Victorian house, the only sound the melody of the music box. But, as with so many things in life, it is all about context.

I think the context of this image is very important. This image works on an entirely different level if you also picture the controlled holiday chaos taking place just outside the frame. This little girl is an oasis of calm happiness amid a sea of joy. I think that is what i’m going to name this image “Amid a Sea of Joy”

This blog is a very effective way for me to look critically and fondly at my own work. It help me understand my artistic voice and direction. So, I would just like to thank you very much for reading and please feel free to give may any feedback you would like.

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So, here we are, the very first installment of the new version of Daniel C. Bloom Photography’s Photo of the week.


I am making a few changes to the format and I am hoping everyone will like them. This is going to be more of a blog than simply posts of photos I have taken. I am hoping to bring a little artistic incite to both the readers and myself. I am hoping that writing about my own work will help me focus the artistic style and general direction of my thinking.

So in this blog I am not going to focus on technical methods or numbers(but feel free to ask in a comment and I will answer) I am just going to try and give you general information about my mindset when shooting and editing as well as what I think of the finished product. I am going to try and be as honest as possible so there may be times where I notice something and continue to edit a photo after it has been on this blog. In fact this very first photograph, currently sitting on my left monitor as I right this, is going to be edited and probably re-posted later as a before and after.

I am going to refer to this image as The Fountain in the this posting. Although, it will probably not stay that way, it is the first thing that popped into my head. That and wizardry. It is however not a picture of a fountain, but actually a bird bath, albeit a very elaborate one. At the moment this photo has not had any significant digital work done to it at all. The specs of light you see are actually the mist in a courtyard at about 10pm on the coast of MA in August. The Fountain is back lit with a speedlight with a wireless trigger. To be honest I had no idea it was even misty out. It just seemed like normal humidity, cool evening. However, after seeing what the mist did in this case I quickly took pictures of several other subjects. Some of which you will see here on a later post. There is no front light at all, just whatever bounced off me and the mist.

This images makes me think of magic. I guess it looks supernatural in some way. Indeed, the speedlight and the mist give it an ethereal glow that makes it seem other worldly. It is interesting to me to see how a small light can transform our perception. My favorite thing about this image is that there was nothing added, nothing altered digitally and yet it looks nothing like the reality I saw when I was looking at it. I guess this enjoyment is mostly mine because you just have to trust my account of things, but if you do trust me it does ask quite an interesting question.

Oh, one final note, I am trying to keep this blog very conversational so please forgive me if there are any errors in grammar or spelling or they is occasional wordings nonsensical. I will of course be grammar and spell checking(I’m not an idiot) but those are both far from foolproof.

Thanks for reading!