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Another Nice Sunset

Another Nice Sunset


Another nice sunset…I

Here is an interesting example of exposure mixing that takes the image a little farther than simple HDR. With a normal HDR you use multiple exposures to capture the entire dynamic range of a scene. In this image I did that as well as get exposures at specific shutter speeds to capture the water in different states of motion.

When you are close to the shore there are two different views of the water. The shallow areas, where, if shallow enough, you can often clearly see the bottom, and the deeper areas that tend to reflect the sky. It can be hard to capture both these areas with a single frame. I opted to use shutter speed in combination with HDR the show both end of the spectrum. A short shutter speed to freeze the water so I could see through it to the bottom. A longer shutter speed to allow the current to blur the surface of the water and give it that glassy reflective nature. I have the detail heavy, sky, so I didn’t really want to have detail in the reflection of the sky in the water. This is good because using the long shutter also made the reflection blurry and painterly.

I then combined these two image sequences and did allot of manual blending so that the right areas were sharp and the others blurry. I have not quite finished blending, but for the purposes of this blog it was good enough.

Overall with this image I was just trying to put a little different spin on your good old sunset shot. Also, I am once again employing the ideal that an image with some surreal elements often is more descriptive than a direct copy of a scene.

Thanks for reading!!!