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This week is going to be a little different.


We are going to cover a more “event” style of photography. Not like corporate event, I may touch on that later, or birthday party, again maybe later. In this case we are talking about a small coffee shop where a local singer/songwriter was doing set. I have several more traditional shots that are for promotional material for the artist. This image though is a little different. I had been to the venue before and had noticed its very cool decor. It has several very cool design elements that I liked and thought would make good shots. Some did, some didn’t.

The wall in this photograph is actually a chalkboard that is covered in different colors of some sort of iridescent sidewalk chalk. Because of its iridescent it had a cool almost 3d look to it. I knew that using some interesting post processing would make this wall look great in black and white. So I definitely wanted to to have an image incorporating this background and Joe Bloom, the musician.

In most photography situations I think about what I will need in post to create an interesting image, not what I can do in camera to get an immediately usable images. Really, good in camera images are important in many situations, but with the very streamlined and effective post production software available unless you need the images immediately after shooting I would always shoot for what you know will be useful later, on your computer.

So in this image I needed a couple things. First I needed a steady, evenly exposed background. Second, I needed an interesting shot of Joe that was caught just at the right moment. The framing you see is a compromise of needing these two elements. So in my PS project I had two photographs to work with. One with the proper exposure of the background and the other good shot of Joe. These two photographs had different shutter speeds and ISO settings so that they captured their priority properly. It was simply a matter of blending these two images and putting effects on them individually to bring out their attributes.

It turned out pretty much exactly as I had envisioned it and although it has an abnormal style of framing I think it works quite well in generating interest as well as differentiating if from other types of music images.

I had other, more traditional shots from the concert, but this one is bar far my favorite and I think represents my artistic style.

Thanks for reading and please check out Joe Bloom at www.joebloommusic.com


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Many of my photos are meant to be viewed as large format prints.


So far my audience is pretty small so the number of people who get to see all the little details is more or less one, me. I think of this fact as a reinforcement of my artistic honesty. You see, there is no guarantee that anybody but myself will ever have the chance to look close enough to actually see the little things. In spite of this fact, I have no power to stop agonizing over the details. If I am to continue making art I will continue spending hours making a mask or layer perfect. Since I intend to continue in this direction I have no choice but to come to terms with the frustration of not being able to get it perfect. On the flip side, ever once in a while you know when something works just right.

Getting back to artistic honesty. I like to think that my lack of restraint in beating the little details to death indicates that I am working from a place of true integrity. This could just as easily be false and closer to a psychological disorder than artistic inspiration, but I have a feeling that this is a chasm bridged by every person who thinks themselves and artist.

In so many areas of my life rationality is the best way to make my way. However, it sometimes seems that in the realm of artistic self esteem, logic and reason should be used sparingly at best. For example, if I truly examine the continuum of technical ability and artistic narrative skill that has existed, there is little hope that anything I create will be seen, even posthumously, as possessing of such an awe inspiring nature. If I base my self respect and belief in my work in any way on the context of history and previous genius, I will have none left. I are thus left in a logical conundrum, for I would argue that unless you greatly value your own work, and its creation, chances are, not many other people will either. So, in the face of this apparent contradiction I think that a minor abandonment of traditional logic is probably necessary in most instances of artistic endeavor.

All this is to say that this image was shot at sunrise on a beach and was created mostly with simple aesthetics in mind. When I got it into photoshop I could see that it had something to say so my question to myself was “how do I get you, the viewer, to listen and hear the thing that i hear?” As with every one of my images I try to create face value interest, and within that framework build meaningful things and hopefully a story. You will of course hear different things than I do when you look at this image. But, I think that if I can honestly hear them when I am making it somebody will notice that maybe there is something to listen for. I have decided to call this piece “We are the flying machines,” odd in know but for me the name of one of my pieces is often the context from which it should be viewed. All i can do as an artist is to trust my own judgment and inspiration because to rely on logic, history, and external validation is a recipe for spiritual anxiety that I definitely cannot handle.