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A nice sunset…with a boat…



This image has been waiting to have something written about it for a while now. I just could not think of anything to say. I should be able to find something to say about every image I create right? Well, I got to thinking about this assumption and the conclusion that I have come to is elegantly simple. If I truly have nothing, non-technical, to say about one of my images, that means that I don’t consider it Art.

Wow, this was quite a revelation to me. I had never considered the question of “what is my art to me” in such simple terms, but the more I think about it the more I am convinced. As a minimum bar for what, of my own work, I consider art, it is the most simple and decisive measure I could ask for. With simple taxonomy in mind, this blog takes on a whole new level of importance for my artistic process. As it is, this blog is for myself, for the most part. I publish it because I am hoping that other people reading it will help mitigate the “bullshit” factor. So far I have not had any “calling BS” responses(hoping that might change when I launch my new site and it’s easier to leave a comment), but the very idea that they might is a good deterrent to getting to self aggrandizing. What I am saying is that I want your help keeping this an honest and matter of fact look at my artistic process and thinking.

Now, to say a few words about this image and why I don’t really consider it art. Interestingly, if this was created by someone else and I saw it hanging on a wall somewhere I would consider it art. For sure there are many artistic works that many people have many differing opinions on. In the larger sense, the historic sense, it is those people, outside of the creator, who decide on what is art. That being said, the question of what the artist considers art of his/her own creation has an incalculable effect on future projects and self image as an artist.

This image here is a good image. It is a solid photograph. However, every decision I made when creating this image was a technical one. All those choices add up to a cool photo, one that many people might consider art, but to me, its creator, it is just not invested with anything.

Thanks for reading!!!