I’ve been in the photography/film/video/event production industry for more than 8 years and I have worked in a wide range of positions. I’ve built giant 80 ft. towers for huge concerts, recorded audio for corporate videos, produced a KickStarter video that surpassed its $45k goal, built and operated many different cameras, done lighting for an interview in the White House with the First Lady, been a projectionist for an outdoor film festival, had my photography featured at prestigious gallery, and, over the years, built a very diversified set of experiences and skills.


If I had to truly describe what I do in as few words as possible it would go something like this:

I am a creative individual who uses video and photographic equipment and techniques to capture assets for manipulation in the digital environment in an effort to create images that I consider interesting, artistic and cool.

That, however is neither sexy nor easy to say, so for convenience sake I simply say I am a photographer or a cinematographer. A true statement, only somewhat incomplete.


My process is all about perceiving and integrating experiences and feelings into a psychology that allows me to reanimate and recombine events and ideas, both consciously and unconsciously, in meaningful and interesting ways. That is to say, I do my best to draw on my years of experience and  make every project creative, efficient and effective.


I bring creativity, critical thinking and dedication to every endeavor I undertake.  Whether working on my own projects or on my client’s my commitment to getting it right, to making the best possible product I can create, is my unifying professional principle.

Please, have a look around the site and by all means let me know if you like something or if you see a part of YOUR vision in MINE.


Daniel C Bloom