A Post About Shoes

A Post About Shoes

I love shoes! This makes it very hard to criticize my wife’s large shoe collection, but on the up side she has very little grounds for mocking me about mine. What I also like besides just owning cool shoes is photographing those shoes. This particular shot was taken on a spring afternoon with a slightly overcast sky. I would call the arrangement of this shot “non-traditional” and yet it still follows the rule of thirds and several other such “traditions.”

I shot this for fun, but it is still intended as a mock commercial shot so I left room for text or a logo. As a result the image looks off balance if there is no text or logo involved. Well, if you’re decent in Photoshop and you don’t mind ripping off someone’s logo it takes about five minutes to modify a famous brands logo into something with the same feel, but not indicating that this shot was actually used by the brand. I’ll let you guess the brand.

Anyway, just a little fun on a spring afternoon between gigs. Thanks for reading.

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