First Piece in a Gallery!

First Piece in a Gallery!

Hey Everyone,

I submitted a piece to a gallery for the first time last week and it was accepted. It will be on display and for sale in the Art League Gallery at the Torpedo factory in Old Town Alexandria until Jan 7. You can get more details here


The piece is pictured here and is entitled “Chained No. 3”. As you might guess from the name, it is the 3rd in a series. I have not finished the previous two images, but hopefully they will be done soon and also hanging in the gallery. I was pretty nervous, as I had never submitted anything to anyone before, but I am now very excited that a whole new group of people have a chance to view my work. Thanks for your continued interest and support!


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  1. Joe Bloom says:

    This is really awesome news. Congratulations, and Claire and I will definitely find a time to go check it out!

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