The Last Photo of the Week

This isn’t really even a POTW, there is no photo and there will be little to no discussion. This is mostly an explanation of a whole new format for this blog. What I mean is, there will be no more Photo of The Week, but there will be a Blog Post every week, or sometimes even more often. I am simply switching the format around.

I realized after about twenty POTW posts that I was not all that happy with how some of them were turning out. I felt that some were pretty strong, but some were total bullshit, or at least not as genuine as I wanted them to be. I think the way to remedy this is to write the more image specific stuff less frequently so that I have time to write something honest, substantial, and focused. The problem with the old format was that I would go on these tangents when I didn’t have much to say, simply because I needed to get the post up on the net. I like these tangents and I am going to keep writing them, but they didn’t belong with the images and they undermined the clarity of what I was getting at.

The new plan…

The new blog will be called “The Artistic Transducer: Tails of Conjecture, Hyperbole, and Creativity.” It will include in depth discussion of images, as well as other, more frequent posts that deal with tangential or at least less concrete areas of my artistic process. This way I can deliver truly honest image discussions as well as tangential musings and thoughts, all with a little more regularity and focus.

Ok, well that’s the plan. I will be starting this blog off with a new image this week. Before I do that however I would like to get some feedback from you. I would like honest answers to the couple questions below.

–          What is the best day and time for me to publish blog posts? When are you most likely to have the time and inclination to read them?

–          What is the best way to notify you that there is a new blog post?

Please leave your response as a comment on this page.

Thanks and enjoy the new format.


Daniel Bloom

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