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A tall Pointy Building in the Middle of the desert…



I’m gonna do something weird for this photo of the week. The next paragraph in this post I wrote a while ago and now I don’t like it and don’t really agree with it. Instead of deleting it and starting over I think I am going to include it in this post and just add the new version after it. This blog is about process so I thought it might be interesting. I might also be lazy, but I would like to think that I not so lazy that I cant delete a paragraph.

A tall pointy building in the middle of the desert…

So, you can’t go to Dubai without going to see the Burj Kalifa, as of April 2012, the tallest building in the world. I was prepared to be amazed. What I was not prepared for was the sheer size of the building. Massive is word that does not really come close, but will do for now. It’s huge triangular base looks like something from a science fiction film. It is truly one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. All that being said, I was not moved by the building the way I am by other huge buildings. The Burj is an engineering marvel, like so many buildings in the enormous city of Dubai, but it seems to lack “soul.” On some level buildings are the ultimate expression of humanity…(ran out of thoughts)

The New Version

What can you say about the world tallest building? The size is only believable when you see it. There is almost no way not be impressed.

This photo was taken from a path leading to the base of the tower, I would say I was several thousand feet away. A 16mm lens was not wide enough to be any closer than this and capture the whole thing. As it is the top is cut off in the image as well. I was quite tempted to change the brick of the path yellow, but that seemed a but over the top. However OZ would be a place where this marvel would be at home. In fact the reflective glass does give it a bit if a green tinge and the emerald city did come to mind.

I very much wish that I could have taken a trip up in the tower, but my schedule was prohibitive so this was the best I could do. To be fair the exterior vantage is better for getting the sheer size.

I have several other pictures of the tower and I think I will have more and better things to say when I post those. At the moment I have not decided how I want to approach the interaction of engineering, architecture and art. I did want to get this image out there so you could check it out.

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