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So, here we are, a lovely sunny Sunday

That means that its Photo of the Week time. I am going to let you in on a little secret: I often write 2 or 3 of these posts in one sitting and then spread them over a couple weeks. I only bring it up because I just finished writing last weeks very dramatic and earnest post and at the moment I don’t feel like doing another quite so earnest. This weeks post is more fun.

This image makes me think of fairies…and I bet it makes you think something along those lines as well. It was taken on the same evening as the birdbath featured in my inaugural post. You may notice a similar glowing mist in the background. Both of them were taken in complete darkness in a beautiful little courtyard on the grounds of the house I was staying at. I have a couple more from that location and they will probably come up on future posts.

As is so often the case the two best things about this image are both accidental. Yeah, yeah, the lighting looks cool, but without two little accidents this could be a rather pedestrian photograph.

The first is obvious and really the main focus of the photo. Yes, i’m talking about the super cool purple glow caused by the strobe bouncing off of the flowers. I had no idea that the purple would come through like that, but man does it add a ton magical intrigue. To me it look like the light is not coming from the reflection of the plants but actually from a glowing subject out of frame to the right. In fact this image could even be a little story about the glowing being that flies around this dark stone courtyard at night and does mysterious things…like put big slugs in my photos.

Yup, there is a huge slug crawling on the stone wall on the bottom right of the frame. Guess what? I had no idea it was there when I snapped the shot. Granted, it was pitch black outside, the only light was my 430exii speedlite, and when that was firing I was looking at the back of my cameras internal mirror. (not actually the back of the mirror, the front, but I am taking poetic license thank you very much.) In fact, and here is where the genius comes in, the slug is really a more brown/gray color, a combination that is incredibly hard to see even on a 22Mpix image. When I found the slug I realized that I had found an awesome little detail that gave me some interest in working on this image. So, I changed the color of the little bugger and gave him/her/it(really not sure) the spotlight. With just a couple layers of blurring, sharpening, and hue/saturation, the slug pops right out and becomes a central part of the image. However I do think it is subtle enough to evade the very first glancing viewing of this image, especially with you eye drawn to the magical purplish light above. At least, that was my intention.

In the end this image is fun and made me smile, so my best hope is that it does you as well. Thanks for reading and see you next Sunday afternoon.



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